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glitz_n_glam's Journal

Glitz N Glam Blend Challenge
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People Who Run Glitz_N_Glam

Katy :: sparklz69

Megyn :: madeofdiamonds

What is a blend challenge?

A blend challenge is when you take two or more of the pictures I provide for you of a certain celebrity and blend them together. Blending means you use brushes, text, colors, and those sort of things to spice up a simple picture of a person and/or thing. There is a start and end date and when the end date comes along I'll be posting awards for you to pimp around on your sites and what not. It's an advantage I believe for graphic makers and blend challange site/journal owners to post their work so that you know your getting gold from someone who knows what gold work is. Since I just started blending challenges.. I don't have much to show you right now. But on this site I've done the layout, icons, and header... so you can get an idea of my work. My standards are simple. Some things I look for are borders because those make a graphic look crisp. Another thing is quality... i don't want the pictures smudged together lyk someone slapped em around and called it a blend. Correct spelling, good quotes, colors that go good together, and overall appearance. Sometimes you can TELL how long someone has been working on a blend. Make it count.




Honarable Mention

One Of A Kind


1:: You must be on our friends list to compete in the blend challenge.. it may not be friends only but we do check.

2:: You must use two or more graphics that we post for each challenge.

3:: Save all graphics in .jpg, .gif, and if u absolutely must have to.. then .png too

4:: Upload graphics to your own server!!!!!

5:: Everyone must post their links in the comments section of each challenge post. That means... you comment giving me your link, and real name so that i can keep track of who is who.

6:: I don't want any bashing comments to other challengers.

7:: There will be one challenge per week.. maybe per two weeks.. depends on wat crisis im going through at the time. This means that if we start one on a sunday... the winners will be up by next Monday. (we need a day to make the awards and such)

8:: Graphics can be no bigger than 600x600 or i will not accept them

What happened to glitz_n_glam icons?

It went down the shitter, that's what. We've been mucho busy and/or bored with this journal... hence me making my (katy) other journal punkapaloserr to keep up with some of my graphics. Then I started doing some challenges.. and i figured.. since you pretty much don't do anything but post pictures, look at them and keep them together.. and then make awards.. it's not as time consuming as making five different variations of the same icon. Or even making BATCHES of icons daily and such. So this.. is what we did.

There are no point systems here... but these are the awards we offer...

Honarable Mention
Most Unique
Best Text (this could mean the text in general or the writing)

:: if you would like to be one of our affiliates plase e-mail me at kayteshmayte@yahoo.com with a small picture representing your blend challenge journal/site and a link ::

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